MARTE Srl started his activites in 1980 operating in military, civil, industrial and residencial constructions.
The company also deals with road works (construction, maintenance, interventions to road network for complete road transit of all ancillary works), underwater works and maritime works (construction, maintenance and restoration performed in fresh and salt water), consolidations (piles, subsupply, special support walls, various works to restore structural static functionality) and defense works of the territory as well as electrical, hydraulic and fire-fighting systems.

Our company operates in the field of maritime and terrestrial works, from which the acronym of MAR.TE.




With the experience gained over the years, MAR.TE. ltd operate also in difficult contexts with an organization and network of contacts developed in many foreign countries, it has become a reliable partner for many public administrations over time.



Phone & Fax

+39 0761 46 60 17

Registered Office Address

Via Aldo Moro, 15, 01019 Vetralla VT